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Truck Air ConditionerAir conditioners for trucks – two systems to suit all cases!

Perfect solutions for stationary air conditioning in trucks
The laws on resting periods for truck drivers are strict, and rightly so. But how can you rest and relax in a driver’s cab heated up by the sun or high outside temperatures? This is where WAECO stationary air conditioners offer a genuine alternative. The CoolAir CA-800 roof air conditioner and the CoolAir SP-900 split system have been specifically designed for stationary operation in trucks .

The compressor-powered air conditioners, CoolAir CA-800 and SP-900, create a pleasant temperature and simultaneously dehumidify the air in the cabin. An advantage over evaporation systems is that compressor air conditioners give full performance even at higher air humidity


  • Waeco CA-800

    CA-800M Truck Roof Air ConRoof air conditioner for stationary use in trucks – a blessing from above

    The CA-800 roof air conditioner is based on a simple physical principle: cold air sinks. When the engine is turned off the system ensures pleasant temperatures in the driver’s cabin for many hours, and additionally dehumidifies the air. Due to its compact, self-contained design, the CA-800 is perfect for truck operation. The matching installation kit (vehicle-specific or universal) ensures a perfect finish


    1. Input voltage: 24 volts DC
    2. Average current consumption: 12 - 18 A
    3. Cooling capacity: 1000 watts (compressor capacity) 800 watts (rated to ISO 5151 standards)
    4. Refrigerant: R134a System: Rotary compressor for mobile use, soft-start electronics, adjustable low-voltage protection for vehicle battery, three blower levels and automatic mode. Circular fin evaporator with radial fan, circular fin condenser with axial fan. Hermetic refrigeration circuit. Colour: CA-0800-DC: pale silver,
      CA-0800-DC-W: white
    5. Dimensions (WxHxD): Roof unit: 565 x (195 to 222)* x 692 mm* Height from roof top: depending on the vehicle model
    6. Weight: approx. 20 kg (without mounting plate)
    7. Quality features: Control panel with digital status readout, remote control, four individually adjustable nozzles, made in Germany, ADR-compliant



  • Waeco SP900


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