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Tracker NetworkTRACKER Network (UK) Limited is the Market Leader in Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems and is operated by the UK's 52 Police Forces.

Since 1993 TRACKER has installed over 400,000 vehicles, leading to the recovery of over 8,000 vehicles worth in excess of 140 million culminating in over 1,300 arrests. TRACKER also operates a Fleet Management solution for Fleet Operators concerned with cost savings, increased efficiency & improved customer services.

TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery systems work like an electronic homing device. A covert transmitter is hidden discretely in one of several dozen places around your vehicle. There is no visible aerial or other identifying feature so the thief can't see it and won't know it's there.

  • Tracker Retreive

    Stage 1:
    Vehicle owner contacts TRACKER HQ and the police to inform that their vehicle has been stolen.

    Stage 2:
    TRACKER HQ activates the unit hidden in the stolen vehicle. The vehicle is now emitting a silent land based radio signal.

    Stage 3:
    The silent signal can now be picked up by any of the UK's 52 police forces that are within the vicinity of the stolen vehicle. The signal will direct the police to the exact location of the stolen vehicle.

    Stage 4:
    On customer request, a uniformed guard waits with your vehicle until it is recovered to a destination of your choice - anywhere in mainland Britain. This service applies only to stolen vehicles located within mainland Great Britain.


  • Tracker Monitor
  • Tracker Horizon
  • TrackerResponse
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