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Electronic Cruise 3 Memory With Speed Limiter
Electronic Cruise 3 Memory With Set On Off Cancel

Crusie Control Speed SettingAdd on retro fit aftermarket cruise control is either an electronic or a mechanical system that maintains a vehicles speed once set by the driver. The system will fit most cars, vans and motorhome which operate on "Drive by Wire", or “Throttle Cable”. This basically means that vehicles throttle system operates electronically, or by a traditional mechanical throttle cable. Cruise Control Application List 

We offer five systems, three electronic and two mechanical, The AP 500 and AP 300 are the mechanical systems and the AP 800, Electronic Cruise, AP 900 Speed Limiter are the electronic system. The AP500 and the AP300 are the traditional throttle cable operated system connecting to either the accelerator peddle or the throttle cable it self. The AP800, AP900 Electronic Cruise and the AP 900 Speed Limiter are the electronic device, that connects between the accelerator peddle and the engines ECU creating  a "Drive by Wire" system which is more like the factory fit system.

The Electronic Cruise can be connected directly to the OEM stalk on certain makes and model of cars giving a complete factory look and feel, and for all intensive purpose is the OEM system. OEM Stalk Application List

Liteon CM35 Stalk ControlSpeed limiters enable owners and operators of fleet cars or hire cars companies to set the maximum top speed of a wide range of makes and models of cars, vans and motorhomes. Speed Limited Application List

All six systems  features a number of safety features. It can be switched off by either pressing the brake or clutch pedal (the vehicle need to have a clutch switch fitted as standard) while driving, or pressing the off, coast button on the command stalk. It also features under speed dropout, should the car slow to below 75% of the set speed it will automatically disengage the system. All these features are designed for peace of mind. The AP900 AP800, AP500 and the AP300 can also be equipped with different command modules including left and right hand stalks and a memory stalk with two user defined set speeds, On certain makes we can utilise the original stalk controls giving a factory look and feel.Cruise Control Lever

There are many benefits of car cruise control, apart from the obvious opportunity to relax whilst driving. The system can also help reduce fuel consumption by constantly controlling acceleration, help avoid accidental speeding, especially as now many motor ways have speed cameras, and also reduce exhaust gas emissions, providing a greener outlook.

For an approximate installed price from 549.99 (depending on the vehicle), you get a product which from many dealerships can only be factory ordered, if it is even offered at all. This is for professional fit only and we would not recommend DIY fitting.       

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