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Heated Seat With PadsHeated Seating, we can supple and fit heating element to your cars existing front seats, converting them into luxury heated seats. The kits come with two rear/back and two bottom/seat heating element, this is contorted by a two position switch that is fitted either on the dash or on the seat itself. The elements are fitted under the seats trim to give a factory look and feel, each seat has two heat settings high and low, so that you can control the temperature of each seats individually.

If you have always wanted to add heated seats to your vehicle, then this Heated Seat kit is the ideal kit and the ideal solution whether vehicle you own 12 Volt Only.

This kit will install in any seat with a 12 volt electrical system. This kit fits both front seats. The 2 pad kit is designed to install between your seat upholstery and the padding underneath. Installation will require removal and reinstallation of seat and seat covers, as well as working knowledge of the vehicle's wiring. You cannot use just 1 element or use the elements alone of as a replacements to a currently installed kit.

We offer two types of kit, one wire wound and one carbon fibber, the carbon fibber is more like the original equipment system fitted by the manufactures. The cost for each system is 550 + vat for the wire wound and 740 + vat for the carbon fibber OEM type system

Features Include
BMW Heated Seat Switch After Market Retro FitDual Position Switch

  • Heated Seat Kits are equipped with the latest Switch Technology. This Dual Temperature High/Off/Low Rocker Style Round Switch has been developed to provide you with the Newest Styling Features.
  • New Dual Temperature Control System
  • The Primary System is an electronic control module (built into wiring harness) which regulates the electricity / temperature circulating within the carbon fibber seat heating pad. This system regulates the flow of power in micro-pulses and maintains a narrower temperature range whether in a high or low setting. Example: The high setting will have a constant range between 120F to 125F. The low setting ranges between 110F to 115F. These respective temperatures are maintained at these respective levels.
  • The Secondary System is a traditional bi-metal thermostatic control unit (built into each pad). This system is the standard with most of the available units in the marketplace. For Peak Heated Seats, this is our back-up system. This system manages the seat heater temperature in a similar way to that of your home thermostat.

    Operation Example: In either the High or Low setting, when the maximum temperature limit is achieved, the system shuts down until the low end temperature is reached at which point the bi-metal thermostat reconnects to resume the distribution of electricity. This bi-metal system will only be activated if the primary electronic control module fails. It’s simply a safe guard.
  • Backrest & Seat Bottom Heating Pads
  • Back = 9”x18” Bottom = 9”x18”
    These pads have been designed to these dimensions to enable a universal fit in older as well as newer style seats. Pads are approximately 1/16" thick.
  • Length can be trimmed to any size, width cannot be trimmed and has to stay at 9"
  • Quick Connect / Disconnect Flexible System
  • Peak Deluxe Heated Seat Kits allow you to get rid of unwanted seat heater wiring when you install switches on the side of the seat. Our seat heaters are equipped with quick-release connectors that can reduce your wiring length by 36” eliminating the need to tie up and hide a bunch of wiring.
  • Quick Heat Up Time
  • You should start to notice the effect of heat within the first 3 minutes of starting the system in the High temperature setting.
  • Electrical Specs
  • Wattage: 30 Watts per Pad, 60 Watts per seat Current Draw: 4 Amps on Low Heat Setting and 5 Amps on High Setting per Seat
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