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Reversing is a tricky business, especially when you are not able to see what is behind you. Whether a car, truck, bus, motorhome or mobile market stall, as soon as you engage reverse gear there are risks everywhere: children playing, tight parking spaces, unfamiliar loading ramps and a whole host of unforeseen dangers... With a PerfectView reversing video system you will approach difficult reversing manoeuvres with the peace of mind to be able to see from the front what is happening behind your vehicle. With an additional side-mounted camera you will even see what would otherwise be hidden in the "blind spot".


  • CAMOS RV-531

    Camos D4815As well as being used as a rear-view monitor, the 5” colour TFT screen also has inputs for DVD & video cassette players and can easily be moved from one location to another. To avoid a tangle of cables however, there’s a single multi-pin connection to the monitor itself. For convenience, it comes with a credit-card sized remote control.

    The B&W camera is a heavy-duty unit with L.E.D.s for clear vision even with no ambient light at all. It’s suitable for use on motorhomes, cars, vans, horseboxes and other light/medium-duty road-going vehicles.
    The camera has a built-in microphone and the monitor has a built-in speaker.


  • CAMOS RV-532
  • CAMOS RV-732
  • CAMOS RV-731
  • CAMOS RV-5031
  • CAMOS 5.6 12V/24V
  • CAMOS 5.6 12V/24V
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