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E510_largeA motorhome is probably the second most expensive item you own, so you need to protect your investment with good security, here at Car-fi we take security very serious and have many years experience in the alarm and tracking sector for both the private and public bodies.

We offer tailed solution to suite you security needs and offer the  latest security products and services, from electronic security alarms and tracking to physical locks. The systems that we supply and fit are designed specifically for the motorhome sector and employ specific features for motorhome, our electronic alarms are the latest design and they comply with insurance approved standards, we offer a range of GPS / GPRS / GSM insurance approved tracking systems some of which you can monitor from any web browser from any point on the planet.

For motorhomes that are based on the Fiat / Peugeot / Citroen new style chassis we offer a specific alarm that works in conjunction with the vehicle electronic systems and is designed for this range of motorhomes / vans. The main unit consist of an hideaway alarm box and an under bonnet siren, The  alarms will provide complete protection to your recreational vehicles. The alarms use wireless sensors, passive infrared to protect the interior and dedicated switches for all doors, windows, and lockers.

  • Autowatch
  • Fiat Alarms

    Gemini Secrity 863 Motorhome AlarmGemin 863MH The alarms can be activated by remote control. When passengers are inside the vehicle, the infrared and ultrasonic sensors can be deactivated while the perimetric switches stay on to protect all windows and doors.
    The basic kit includes 4 switches upgradable, if necessary, to a maximum of 50. The dedicated MH kits are supplied complete with the following devices and fits the Fiat, Peugeot and Citroen range of motorhomes. 399.99 Fitted

    • Features
      Waterproof micro siren
      Built-in ultrasonic volumetric sensor
      4-button remote control
      Electronic override key
      12/24V power supply

    Programmable functions
    central door-locking pulse time (1-6 sec.)
    audible/visual warning during arming/disarming
    blinkers via Hazard button (only if available on vehicle)
    built-in voltage drop sensor
    passive arming
    automatic rearming (anti-distraction)
    automatic door-locking while driving
    double pulse unlocking
    panic function or car finder
    exclusion of siren and/or external sensors
    door switch polarity selection
    open door arming alert
    boot release
    Dedicated To the Fiat  Peugeot Range Of Motorhomes

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  • Peugeot Alarm
  • Tracking
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